Hospital Housekeeper and Domestic Staff

Hospital Housekeeper and Domestic Staff


Hospital housekeepers clean areas such as clinics, waiting rooms and operating theatres. They also do other jobs that help to keep the hospital running smoothly. Some housekeepers work in hospital wards. They serve meals and drinks to the patients.


  • Cleaning hospitals
  • Collecting used bedding and towels on hospital wards and sending them to the laundry for washing
  • Making sure there are supplies of clean bedding and towels on the wards
  • Collecting up rubbish bags around the hospital
  • Doing things in a set way to stop the spread of germs
  • Taking orders for meals from patients on hospital wards
  • Serving meals and drinks to patients on hospital wards
  • Taking away the dirty plates and trays at the end of meals
  • Telling visitors where to go


Many hospital housekeepers and domestics are employed in the NHS Trusts across the region, private hospitals and care homes.


Hospital housekeepers work on the wards and in other parts of hospitals mainly based indoors.

Working Hours

Hospital housekeepers generally work about 37 hours a week including early mornings, evenings, nights and weekends.


Starting salary is around £16,000.


You do not need to pass set school exams to become a hospital housekeeper as each NHS trust will have their own requirements. Many NHS trusts offer supported internships where you could access this role.

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