Driver’s Mate

Driver’s Mate

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Driver’s mates travel with a lorry or van driver and helps them to deliver items. Driver’s mates also help load and unload the lorries and vans. The driver’s mate helps the driver find their way, calls ahead to customers to let them know their delivery is on its way and help carry items when they get to their destination.


  • Travel in van or lorry with a driver
  • Doing safety check on the lorry or van
  • Helping to load and unload
  • Check the route


Driver’s mates could work for manufacturing businesses, retail businesses or couriers.


You would spend a lot of time sitting down in a van or lorry and could travel all over The UK and even further.

Working Hours

Driver’s mates work around 40 hours per week.


Starting salary is £14,000.


There are no specific entry requirements to become a driver’s mate. Many organisations would require you to be a good timekeeper, have good customer service and be able to lift and carry heavy goods.

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