DJ (Disc Jockey)

DJ (Disc Jockey)


A DJ (Disc Jockey) is a person who plays recorded music for an audience either in a club, pub, on a radio station or at wedding and parties. They use audio equipment that can play at least 2 different lots of recorded music at the same time and mix them together to make unique mixes of songs. DJ’s need to have a good sense of timing, technical ability and enjoy music.


  • Operate turntables or digital equipment
  • Provide music to suit the venue and people
  • Put together play lists of different types of music


A DJ can be found in clubs, pubs, hotels or anywhere there is a function room for dancing, and also at radio stations. You can also find DJ’s on cruise ships. There are many radio stations across across our region. Many DJs are self-employed.


Working mainly indoors, although there could be DJ’s that will be at outdoor events where music is being played.

Working Hours

Working part time and in shifts, DJ’s usually work at night between 3 and 5 hours per session.


Anything from £250–£2500 per session depending on your experience and the size of the club/venue you are playing at.


You may need 2 or more GCSE to do an A Level 2 in Music Technology. However, if you are looking to set this up as your own business you don’t need qualifications and your skill set and experience will be more important.

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